Mission Statement

The Simuel Whitfield Simmons Organization is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to meeting the immediate and long term needs of at-risk youth and families in New Jersey. We strive to break the cycle of poverty by offering our families and youth the resources, mentorship and education they need to achieve self-sufficiency.


Our vision is to teach individuals and families how to achieve personal and financial success through various channels. We want our community to know every dream can be realized through hard work, determination, a good support system, and resources. We will look at educational, financial, personal and professional goals. No matter what class, color or creed, the sky is the limit if you dare to dream. The organization’s main goal is to decrease the need for assistance by helping individuals realize the potential they have to achieve their goals.

Our efforts will include prevention and intervention programs targeting the areas in the families that cause them to be in these conditions. We plan to get them the proper services to help them overcome these obstacles. These programs will focus on lessening risk factors which contribute to homelessness, joblessness, etc. We will concentrate our efforts on increasing protective factors to reduce the elements that contribute to families being in need.

We will continue to develop and implement educational programs for the community. Our educational programs include: literature distribution, a speaker’s forum, training programs, conferences and workshops.

The goal is families becoming self-sufficient. Identifying families at risk, for economic distress, school failure/drop-out, and family fragmentation are crucial to improving our communities. We will develop networking relationships with front line service providers who function at critical identification points and who will refer appropriate families to gateway prevention programs. We will develop family protective factors to increase resilience and self-sufficiency such as: Promote Physical Health and Wellness, Increase the number of individuals who develop additional educational achievement, job skills (seeking and retention), Increased openness in communication between family members as well as the community, Strengthen family bonds through shared recreation, social and spiritual activities, Increase literacy in the family among children as well as adults.

In addition, our goal is to also increase the number of individuals who, through their own personal development and achievement, give back to others. Increase knowledge of the different services and resources in the community. We want to develop communication skills that concentrate on listening and reflection abilities – Development of problem-solving skills, non-violent conflict resolution skills, anger management skills and developing assertiveness skills. All of these will help us in our primary goal which is to help individuals as well as families become more self-sufficient, along with providing necessities such as food, clothing, household items, furniture, and baby supplies.